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Folding Space

collaboration with M.C. Julie Yu

Folding Space (2019 - in progress) is a walking workshop, involving participants in a series of performative exercises. The host/performer introduce a set of movement for "training teleportation super power" in a cheerful atmosphere.

The participants are asked to document their experience in colourful markings, as comparison before and after the movements. The attempt is to explore nuances in our bodily experience--our senses, emotions, feeling for rhythm and our relationship to space as we go about our daily life. Routines and rhythms are observed as they influence our memory and emotions, and shape our mentality.

In Folding Space 2.0, the digital installation was added up--the video projection connected to a questionnaire with instructions for movements to fold space. The audience is invited to partake in a series to exercises after they finished the playful questionnaire.

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