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35 (2019-in progress) is multiple layers of scores from the my translation process of the Czech writer Bohumil Hrabal's book Too Loud a Solitude. I analyzed and interpreted the novel and used words and sentences in it to render the diagram and scores. Those scores used as knots to intertwine the gap of words and role of catalysts to continuous processes of transducing between the original text and implements in it; also, they allow revealing and carrying meaning from outside of the text. This process is presented here, with the booklet 35, the same name as the project, and by putting the selected elements from it using another medium, it creates invisible connections, draws new lines, again become another score for further. I respond to the condition of space and the manner of using time, which originates in a specific situation. This manner indicates my conception of translation -always in movements and reflects translators' condition sensitively- and these non-reproducible states can be conveyed only by the senses of the experiencing and witnessing bodies. 

The 35 World / pencil, coloured pencil and digital drawing/ 2019

00:00 / 10:22

35 introduction with recordings from performances/ 2020


performing of A Score For Narrow Stair and Two People/ reading and live streaming/ HKU Loods/ 2019

performing of Choreography to Fly/ reading instructions and movements/ <If Not Now>BAK/ 2020

Photo © Alëna Evinokurova

performing of Principles of War/ throwing dices and stamping with long stamps/ <If Not Now>/ BAK/ 2020

Photo © Alëna Evinokurova

installation view of 35 in <If Not Now>/ wall drwaing, objects, poster-booklet / BAK/ 2020. Photo © Chun Yao Lin

35 poster-booklet/ 2020


installation view of 35 poster-booklet in <If Not Now>/ BAK, Utrecht/ 2020. Photo © Alëna Evinokurova

installation view of 35 in <If Not Now>/ BAK/ 2020. Photo © Alëna Evinokurova  


installation view of 35 in <If Not Now>/ BAK/ 2020 

Photo © Alëna Evinokurova  

detailed view of Long Stamps for War in <If Not Now>/ 200×5cm/ BAK/ 2020 

Photo © Alëna Evinokurova  

Pyramid dices for Principles of War/ stamped wooden pieces/  6×6×6cm (L,W,D) / 2020

A Star Hat/ glittered sheets, paper and form board/ 54×35cm/ 2020

a short story with elements which could not be included in the 35 diagram

It is beyond as well as within

text by Christina Della Giustina

Lee's spatial poetry is a huge, and at the same time most delicate system of signs, scores, an- and connotations, leading to a complex, mature diagrammatics, written by her own hand.

She translates entire books - 'Too Loud a Solitude', by Bohumil Hrabal, for example - into Korean, for the sake of exercising and practicing in the interpretations and shifts meaning takes, minutely dissecting the untranslatable, but nevertheless intersecting membranes of thought, language, sound and text.

Sol’s inventive experimentation with this wide range of drawing and reading styles - diagrams, animation, symbols, forms of visualizations, musical scores etc. – result in a thorough, authentic, transformative practice: creating ways for re-thinking, re-doing, for the very sake of re-inventing the hitherto impossible.

Her event-scores too unpack a rich palette of interrelated practices the research works with: drawing, diagramming, writing, translating between languages and between media, speaking and listening, while the moving in and out of these activities is timely rhythmicized.

Special attention is given to a unique pulse, echoing from a disciplinary polyrhythmic that she compellingly choreographs. It is this oscillating motion itself - from score to action and back - that is at the heart of Sol’s practice: A research practice that is drawn to the in-between, the

The void, empty space, the rhythm unfolding from different temporalities, are of utmost importance, feeding into the work’s breath. Strength, quality, and beauty are found here, in the “in-between”.

It is beyond as well as within these “in-betweens” that Sol’s work makes tangible those gaps that language cannot fill.

All Contents © 2023 Sol Enae Lee. All Rights Reserved

installation view of 35 in <If Not Now>/ BAK/ 2020. Photo © Alëna Evinokurova  

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